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Chatterton Manuscript Project

To Present Images


Chattertonian Manuscripts

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Always the Source

Never the Interpretation

That being said

I listened as Prof. Nick Groom

Recited & Explained an African Eclogue

By Chatterton - A true delight!

And an eye opener.

Join me and Fulfill the Promise

Of the Thomas Chatterton

Manuscript Project.

Lethargy is the Death of Learning!

  Do you Know Anything

  of  the Chatterton Story?  

I know it is full of confusion

and conflicting views!

And I know he did forgeries

and died in London.

  The End & The Beginning  

  ..and so to bed, where I lay my head,

  Never to rise again!  

On the night of the 24th August 1770,

Chatterton laid his head

On the pillow of his pallet bed

He was 12 weeks short

Of his 18th birthday!

But that is not the end

Not even close to the end:-

In fact it was the start of it all!

Chatterton became famously famous

Dozens of books were writ

Plays were played from Spain to France

Paintings were painted

Engravings were, well, engraved

Pots were turned -it's true, I have one

& Handkerchiefs were printed

Chatterton was the Talk of the Town

and Country (magazine)

His story went viral worldwide


A Poor Uneducated Working Class

Charity School Boy Pfft!

Produce such works - What!


He became the Darling of the Romantics

A true Influencer of his own times & beyond.


He Created a Medieval world

Complete with Buildings

& Heroes and Villains &

Adapted the English language

To suit his new World

All without the Help of


Whatever that is!

Although he did have a candle

For those dark evenings

More importantly he was 

A Mother's Son

A Cheeky Monkey

A Sister's Brother

A Bristowyan

A Poet!

A Wit.

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