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3 : Works of Doubtful Authenticity (WODA)

I use a light green, white, or yellow background to indicate individual items.  The layout approximates to chronological order. The blue 'View' link will take you to the Control Page for the individual work, which will contain the various versions of the work, including the original manuscript, if it exists and is available.  This is a big task, so some of the Control Pages will contain only basic information while I strive to populate them.  I am always ready to help if anyone needs information on anything related to Chatterton.

The list is fully Searchable via your browser search function, or simply press ctrl+F. 

Donald S. Taylor, author of the definitive 'The Complete Works of Thomas Chatterton,' was unwilling to commit to deciding on the veracity of the following Works of Doubtful Authenticity.  Hence, one of the aims of the Chatterton Manuscript Project is to present as much evidence as possible, including copies of the earliest manuscripts, transcripts and any other supporting documents, to help decide on the veracity of all of the Works of Doubtful Authenticity or, for that matter, any other work on this website.

The works are split into the phases of Chatterton's Life, as follows:


Colston's  -  Lamberts  -  ShoreditchBrooke Street

WODA at Colston's
3rd Aug 1760 - 30th June 1767

WODA at Lambert's
1st Aug 1767 - 23rd April 1770

The Bacchanalian  :  View

    (Ye sordid wretches ! chain' d to rules)

WODA at Shoreditch
25 April 1770 - 31st May 1770

A Hunter of Oddities, letter 5  :  View

WODA at Brooke Street
1st June 1770 - 25th Aug 1770

Old Bailey Intelligence Extraordinary, for 1770  :  View

​   (Apothecary hanged for supplying a bad mix of drugs)

Catalogue of Pictures Every Day Exhibited  :  View

The Last Verses Written by Chatterton  :  View

    (Farewell, Bristolia's dingy piles of brick,)

Letter 10 from a Hunter of Oddities  :  View

Links to Chatterton's Works & Correspondence

   Call it what you will, authentic, doubtful, lost, or plainly wrong - if it was linked with Chatterton it will be included in Chatterton's Works & Correspondence.  This will be the base point from which we can examine every piece of work, and add notes and links accordingly.  

Authentic Works  : View

Lost Works  :  View                                                

Works of Doubtful Authenticity   :  View

Wrongly Attributed Works   :   View

All Correspondence in Chronological Order  :   View

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