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Wrongly Attributed Works - to be reconsidered : Donald S. Taylor, author of the definitive The Complete Works of Thomas Chatterton, clearly marks the following Wrongly Attributed Works as not by Chatterton, however, I must offer them for reconsideration, simply as part of TCMP process. 

Each poem or piece of work is on a light green or white background. This is simply to indicate individual items.  The layout approximates to chronological order. The blue 'View' link will take you to the Control Page for the individual work, which may contain only basic information while I strive to populate them.

The list is fully Searchable via your browser search function, or simply press ctrl+F. 

Translation of the 7th Ode of the Fourth Book of Horace :  View

A Dialogue between War and Peace : :  View

Letter from Peele to Marlowe :  View

An Epistle from the Moon to the Earth :  View

Anecdote Taken from the Original Low Dutch :  View

A Morning Hymn :  View

The Origin of Surnames :  View

An Exhibition of Polite Arts: By Mr Ram's Eye :  View

Reason and Fashion :  View

The Retreat :  View

A Night Piece o Death (Not Chatterton) :  View

The Cuckow Traveller: An Original Fable :  View

Poor Richard's Maxims :  View

The Auction. A Poem :  View

Probus. On Sir George Colebrooke :  View

Exhibition of Pictures, Models, Statues etc. :  View

Eleonora and Juga. By S.W.A. aged 16 :  View

A Letter from a Gentleman at London to his Friend.... :  View

Baron Otranto and Mrs, Heidelburgh :  View

Dick and Dolly:  A Pastoral :  View

Alonzo to Celia :  View

The Lamentation of Liberty and Britannia, on the Death of the Right Honourable William Beckford, Esq. :  View

Mock Will of William Beckford :  View

To Mary Chatterton, 23rd July 1770. :  View

       Dix forgery. (Ms letter BPL) Unpublished - TP807

Humorous Effects by Cross-reading the Newspapers. :  View

(An untitled Exhibition) :  View

      General Evening Post 28 August 1770.  TP808

A Remarkable Account of a Converted Jew :  View

The Last Will and Testament of

Matthew Moonshine, Prisoner in the Fleet. :  View

The Catskin Brothers :  View

Civis. On the Antiquity of the Bow :  View

Cutholf :  View

Eldred :  View

An Epigram :  View

An Epitaph on an Old Maid :  View

The Gallery and School of Nature: a Vision. :  View

      To be checked probably a Dix hoax TP797

George Catgut. The Ambitious Knight of the Spit... :  View

Love and Beauty...(See: On Mercy; To a Young Lady) :  View

      (Not Chatterton) TP801

Metrical Epistle from Chatterton, the Poet, to a Lady :  View

On Mercy (See love and Beauty above) ​ TP802 View

On Modern Fribblism :  View

Probus. To the Right Hon. the Earl of Dartmouth :  View

Sonnet, Supposed to be Written by Chatterton :  View

Suicide Note :  View

To a Young Lady  :  View

     (See On Mercy, above) To be checked  TP806

Will Hell-Hot  :  View

Wortigerne, A Playe (Not Chatterton)  :  View

Links to All Works & Correspondence

   Call it what you will, authentic, doubtful, lost, or plainly wrong - if it was linked with Chatterton it will be included in Chatterton's Works & Correspondence.  This will be the base point from which we can examine every piece of work, and add notes and links accordingly.  

  • 1 : Authentic  : View

  • 2 : Lost Works  :  View                                                

  • 3 : Works of Doubtful Authenticity   :  View

  • 4 : Wrongly Attributed Works : This Page : Go to Top

  • 5  : All Correspondence in Chronological Order  :   View

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