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Chatterton in Art

Henrietta Ward

(Mrs E. M. Ward)


'The Secret Message'

Bristol Museum Copy of Chatterton.jpg

'Chatterton, 1765' (M Shed Bristol)

A Tall Tail & A Secret Message

chattertonBack Ward.jpg

There are at least two versions of Henrietta Ward's painting of Chatterton creating his Rowley manuscripts.

We can be sure that the painting with the title, 'Chatterton, 1765' is by Henrietta (Mrs E. M. Ward). It was painted in 1873, and is signed 'H. Ward'.  It is on display at the M Shed museum in Bristol.  I have additional proof in my possession (see above), in the form of a postcard with a photograph of the painting on one side, and a note on the back, written by Henrietta, along with her signature!

The other painting, 'The Secret Message,' was sold at auction in 2007 and is also signed H. Ward.  I have no further information and am not sure where I first saw this reverse image.  Do help if you can.

Harper's Weekly
Henrietta Ward's 'Chatterton, 1765'

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The two strips above must be read downwards in columns

The Graphic Magazine
Henrietta Ward's
'Chatterton, 1765'

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