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The Revenge, A Burletta

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Uploaded the two manuscript pages of The Revenge, A Burletta in Chatterton's handwriting. Also, images of all of the pages in the rare edition of The Revenge, published in 1795.

The manuscript to this work is split between Bristol Reference Library and the British Museum, but to see it complete you need to consult the first printing in 1795.

According to Meyerstein p.401, the manuscript has had a remarkable history. A Mr William Upcott, librarian of the London institution, spotted it on the counter of a cheesemonger in the City, where it had found its way after its first publication in 1795, from Egerton's printing office, where it was declared lost.

It shows several marks, many in pencil, of having been corrected for performance; e.g, "End the Act here" (line 275), "No Business here" (line 372), "To be alter'd" (line 508), and interesting improvements, mainly in the poet's hand.

In the margin of the opening of Act 1 Sc. 4, Chatterton has written "shorten or throw in an air-"

More to follow on this manuscript and the 1795 edition (.QE!.).


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